RIFT – Patch 2.4: Beyond Infinity (MMO)

BeyondInfinity1For those who are engaged in the MMO genre, particularly those who play RIFT, a new chapter has unfolded.

Although RIFT may not appealed to all players, it does capture many aspects that World of Warcraft attempted. For myself, as with all MMOs, it requires a strong social group to carry you through and maintain interest, as without this key component— even gameplay cannot hold interest for long.

Continuing the content introduced with the Storm Legion expansion (even though it is not Free-2-Play), Rift 2.4 introduces several dungeons, a new raid, a raise PvP Rank to 90, and for customization fanatics– new hairstyles.

The Dendrome’s secrets have been revealed: Inyr’Kta, Hive Queen of the Architects, prepares to unleash titan-forged colossi against the planes! Stopping her requires control of the Infinity Gate, the fateful god engine that first drew the Blood Storm to Telara. Aid Uriel and Kira in their race to open the portal, then leave Telara for the Plane of Earth … and a dire reckoning with the forces that lie beyond.

RIFT 2.4 heralds the first chapter in a new war between the elemental planes. Conflict erupts in two new raids plus a new dungeon and Chronicle, all while the Ascended rise to new heights of power with Rank 90 PvP armor, weapons, and more. Prepare for battle with world-breaking constructs – a Planar War awaits!

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