Atlus will now be a part of Sega

persona-series-persona-3-thanatos-arisato-minato-344124A few months ago Index Corporation went under investigation for shady business practices, which led to them filing for “civil rehabilitation.” In the end Index announced it would be selling Atlus to pay off some pretty big debts, and everyone began to wonder what the fate of Atlus would be.

There were about 20 companies showing interest including Nintendo, but in the end Sega will be adding Atlus to its portfolio of companies as it will formally purchase Index for 14 billion yen (over $140 million). As Sega now owns Atlus, it will be interesting to see if any changes will be made to the portfolio of Atlus JRPG titles. Let’s hope the Shin Megami Tensei series won’t be seeing Sonic as a summonable demon anytime soon, as cool as that would be.


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