DEFIANCE – State of the Game (MMO)


Released in early April, 2013, DEFIANCE proclaimed to have the unique setup of showcasing an Massive Multiplayer Online game that provided themed content alongside its weekly episodes on the SyFy channel. Many were curious of this game, but upon delivery, it wasn’t what had been expected. Although many players enjoyed the open-world that Trion Worlds provided, some gamers did not feel the draw to continue playing.

However, with the recent DLC that was released, allowing you to become the Castithan race popular in the TV series, Trion hoped to pull the players back to the game. But that is not all, with the recent State of the Game posted on the DEFIANCE website on September 13, Trick Dempsey (Creative Lead) lays out the plans coming up for the MMO. There will changes to weapons, shields, inventory, social system, and UI. Many of these are based on the feedback players have given who stuck around with the game.

Futhermore, Trick shares:

“That will bring us to our second DLC, which you saw a sneak peek of during PAX. It’s going to be an exciting expansion with arkfall interiors, new boss encounters, and useful power-ups called spikes and stims. It’s a big update and I look forward to sharing more details soon.

After that, we’re putting a major focus on the chase. EGO, gear, and weapon improvements as those are needed to be a core part of the ark hunter experience. Not only will ark hunters improve over time, but their loadout and gear decisions will matter. Choosing to specialize in spitting out flaming death will obliterate flash and blood opponents, yes, but that may not be the best way to handle a two-ton mechanical juggernaut. The New Frontier is a dangerous and unpredictable place, and only the most adaptable ark hunters survive.”

Check-out the entire State of the Game on the main website: DEFIANCE.

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