LP Recharge with Linkin Park launch event (photos)

LP RechargeThis week Link Park released a new online video game for Facebook. The game is a third person 3D game that combines adventure, fighting, and puzzle elements and of course includes music by Linkin Park! In this online game, you don’t fight zombies or other challengers, but instead players are part of the rebellion and you are gathering energy and natural resources.

Mike Shinoda recently shared this about LP Recharge, “The story of the game is basically rooted that in this future world, the earth’s natural resources have almost run out, so as you can imagine with the way that people are to one another, the people who have control of the resources have the power and they’re basically using it to keep everyone else as their subordinate. As a player you’re a member of the rebellion against that and you work with your group to beat those guys, to take back the power and to free the human beings.”

The game has a male and female character, but you will also have a chance to unlock all the band members as playable characters as well. With everyone working together, you will also unlock Linkin Park’s new single with Steve Aoki, A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES. Once the song is unlocked, you can stream it to Xbox Music for free. Linkin Park’s new album won’t be released until October 29th, so all Linkin Park fans should already be playing this game and trying to help unlock the playable charters and new single.

We attended the launch event and snapped some photos. Check them out below.


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