Sylvester Stallone vs. Robert De Niro’s ‘Grudge Match’ gets a trailer

grudge match

The trailer for Grudge Match, the movie that pits Sylvester Stallone against Robert De Niro, is now online. It’s definitely a good match-up, since both actors have had worked on boxing movies, Sly especially.

It looks like the movie isn’t trying to make anyone look like the bad guy, as we get to see both actors’ side on why they’re fighting. Sylvester Stallone’s agent (Kevin Hart) wants him to fight De Niro, and De Niro’s son (Jon Bernthal) doesn’t want him to participate. Yeah, if you’ve seen Rocky Balboa, the premise about retired boxers going back to the ring to fight would definitely sound familiar.

Grudge Match is being directed by Peter Segal (Anger Management, Get Smart, 50 First Dates) and is set to be released on Christmas day 2013.

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