Trigun Omnibus Vol 1 Review: Love and Peace

24070It’s hard to write a review for a manga that’s a compilation of two other books thrown into one. That’s just what the Trigun Omnibus is: a collection of the first two Trigun manga, covering the events of the first arc. So, when looking at such an item, you have yourself a few simple questions:

1) Does it faithfully reprint the portions that it contains?

Yes. Trigun Omnibus is the first volume of this series of re-releases, collecting the original two Trigun manga and covering the first arc of the story, from the introduction of everyone’s favorite pacifist goofball Vash the Stampede in the town of Valdour, to the first encounter with his crazed brother Knives. The impressive artwork and translations are also still intact. You even get a small short at the end of the book, along with the pilot comic, both of which appear in the original second book of the series.

2) Is it at an affordable price?

Yes. The book will be available at a sum of $20 when it hits shelves on Sept. 18, about the same price as getting both original copies at once (not taking taxes into account). The advantage here is that it’s all rolled into a single paperback cover, great for freeing up a tiny bit of space on your bookshelf, as well as creating less overall items to have to haul around if you need to.


3) Is there additional content exclusive to this book?

Sadly, no. Although doing so could have ended up boosting the price a bit, it would have been nice to have included a couple extra features exclusive to this release to encourage collectors, such as extra artwork or an interview with the creator, Yasuhiro Nightow. However, the availability of this package makes it a great purchase for those who missed out on the original print, or are looking to find a way to jump into the series proper. If you already have the original books though, or at least read them before, you’re not going to find anything different here.

4) Is it still an enjoyable read?

Very much yes. Even after all these years, the exploits of the Humanoid Typhoon are still enjoyable to read through, the drama and action is still as gripping as ever, and the cavalcade of unique and memorable characters and villains still creates an experience that will be hard to tear yourself from.

It’s hard to mess up a re-release of a classic series like Trigun, and the Omnibus collection puts the beginnings of the saga in a convenient package that’s available for a single Jackson. If you already have the books, then there’s not much that will convince you to purchase it again, but for those who don’t, this first volume is a great way to introduce yourself to an iconic character.

Final Grade: A

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