SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay’s fabricated drama brings two cosplayers together

Heroes of Cosplay Yaya Han Jessica Nigri

It’s no surprise that a lot of reality TV shows have forced drama to attract the general public. This is especially the case with Heroes of Cosplay, a SyFy show dedicated to the art of cosplaying…or is it? The cosplaying community in general is supportive of each other, but what happens when the producers of shows like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love and Charm School make a reality TV show about cosplayers? You can bet your ass it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows.

The show’s already been getting a lot of negative publicity including getting sued by photographers and from the producer’s comment against male cosplayers. Here’s what Executive Producer Mark Cronin said in TV Guide:

“Male characters tend to be simpler — lots of body armor and weaponry and spandex and capes. They’re usually nowhere near as interesting and intricate, or sexy and cool, as the costumes worn by the women. And, let’s face it, female sexuality is a big part of comic-book art and a big element in the Con world.”

One of the stars from the show, Yaya Han, has been getting a lot of hate because of her comments on another popular cosplayer, Jessica Nigri. Here’s Yaya’s quote that will make it sound like cosplayers are dissing other cosplayers.

“The content that Jessica Nigri puts out, really displays cosplay in the wrong light.”

If you’ve been following Yaya Han’s Facebook, then you should know that there are plenty of moments that the show fabricates. She has mentioned that the editors have heavily cut scenes to make it sound like the show’s got drama. For example, a conversation from a previous topic would be edited together with another conversation later down the line to make it sound like there’s tension between cosplayers.

Yaya Han decided to make a video with Jessica Nigri to show the world that she doesn’t have anything against Nigri.

So what are your thoughts on the show? If the show is really successful, expect to see more of these types of shows to exploit the cosplaying world.

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