Star Trek: Renegades – Boldly going online!

STAR TREK RENEGADESMiss Star Trek being on TV? Huge Trekkie?

Well, there is a possibility of a Star Trek pilot episode to be presented as a possible online or cable series called Star Trek: Renegades. Oh! It’s happening!

What is it about?

Ten years after Voyager’s return from Delta Quadrant, we see the Federation in trouble. Their main suppliers of dilithium have been cut off. Drastic measures need to be done and it’s up to Admiral Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig), head of Starfleet Intelligence, and Voyager’s Commander Tuvok (Tim Russ), head of the clandestine Section 31, to put together a new cover, renegade crew. The crew consists of outcasts, rogues and even criminals, but they must work together to save the Federation and themselves.


Star Trek Renegades will be directed by Star Trek’s Tim Russ and  starring several Star Trek vets – Walter Koenig, J.G. Hertzler, Robert Picardo, Gary Graham, Garrett Wang, Manu Intiraymi, and Richard Herd. The show also includes established and up and coming actors – Adrienne Wilkinson, Corin Nemec, Edward Furlong, Larissa Gomes, Tarah Paige, Grant Imahara. Courtney Peldon, Vic Mignona, Chasty Ballesteros and Kevin Fry.

How can you become involved?

With their Kickstarter successfully achieved, the cast and crew are using Indiegogo to have the fans be part of the action. With help from your funding, the show could be bigger than what they had planned. The money would go to building the sets, makeup, marketing, props, and costuming.

star trek renegades2With each contribution, there are perks!To be part of it, click here.

We have been waiting for a long time for a possible TV series to pop up. It could be picked up as an online or television series if they were able to get enough support and funding.

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