Linkin Park’s 3D action Facebook game, LP Recharge, releases this week

Linkin Park LP Recharge

Linkin Park’s Facebook game, LP Recharge, is launching this week on September 12th via Facebook. The band is working closely with developers Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment to work on the game that’s set in the near future, and guess what, it’ll feature music by the band (yeah, that’s a given). With Earth’s natural resources being depleted, the machines and the elite minority have the luxury of using the limited resources. As the player, it’s up to you to return clean energy to all.

The gameplay is a 3D top-down action game, just like Diablo III. Fans who play the game after launch will get a chance to listen the Linkin Park new song for the game, A Light That Never Comes”.

You can visit the LP Recharge site when it launches to play the game.

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