Joss Whedon speaks briefly about James Spader’s role as Ultron in Avengers 2

Joss Whedon released a video recently speaking about his choice on casting James Spader as Ultron. Personally, I was one of the minority that wondered if he would be up to snuff in taking this huge role on. However, after re-assuring myself with the phrase “In Joss we trust”, I will put my full faith in this. With a little voice work tuning, He should be able to kick the crap out of this role.

Here’s what Joss stated:

“Spader was my first and only choice. He’s got that hypnotic voice that can be eerily calm and compelling, but he’s also very human and humorous. Ultron is not Hal (from 2001: A SpaceOdyssey). Spader can play all of the levels. He’s the guy to break The Avengers into pieces.”

As I said, “In Joss we trust”. If Spader can kill this role, while working alongside the other big name actors, then Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will be another awesome Hollywood blockbuster.

Avengers 2 will be released in summer of 2015.

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