Breaking Bad Season 5 ‘To’hajiilee’ recap

bb-13-5All things come to an end. Throughout mankind’s history, the greatest empires have risen, the most powerful rulers brought up as high as the sky can go only to come crumbling down. Nothing is guaranteed in our lives; only the strongest survive. Walter White was a weak man, a simple man that through desperation became a powerful drug dealer. And all powerful men must fall, but how Walt/Heisenberg crashes is closer to being revealed.

Just one target, not currently in jail

Since taking out the Arizona Cartel, Todd and his uncle Jack have been hard at work to improve their product. With Lydia breathing over their shoulders, she watches from start to finish how Todd makes a batch (episode begins at the end of the process).  At 76% purity, Lydia isn’t too thrilled about the result, especially since the product isn’t blue. Jack brushes off her concern and states he’ll just dye the product blue. With that, Todd tries to explain to Lydia how the batch was incorrectly made (possibly cooked too high) and states he can for sure create a batch like Heisenberg’s product. Just as Lydia leaves, Todd receives a phone call from Walt with his instructions on the hit against Jesse.

Meanwhile, Hank and Steven discuss their options on how to proceed. Since Jesse failed to get Walt on the mic, they have nothing. Jesse, on the other hand, counters that given all the evidence he’s destroyed, there is one thing he would never get rid of: his money. This leads Hank to Huell, given that he would know something about Walt and his money. With good police work, and a set up image of Jesse appearing dead, Hank convinces Huell that there is a hit on him, Saul and Kuby to loosen every end of Walt/Heisenberg. Fearing his life, Huell spills the beans on Walt’s money, 7 barrels full of it, and how he brought it to Walt in a rented van and buried it somewhere in the desert. With their new intel, Hank and Steven leave Huell behind in protective custody.

 Just one more cook

Walt meets with Todd and his uncle Jack about the hit on Jesse. He requests to make it quick and painless, showing sympathy towards Jesse. Even though he wants him dead, he doesn’t want him to suffer. When Walt brought up money, Jack says he doesn’t want money. Instead, he asks for Walt to teach Todd how to make his blue meth. Despite offering triple from his last hit, he agrees to only one more cook. Given that he doesn’t know where Jesse is, he devises a plan to lure him out.

With Jack and his men hiding near by, Walt seeks out Andrea, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend. He mentions Jesse is missing and is concerned he may be using again. Seeing as he won’t return any of his calls, Andrea attempts to contact Jesse. She leaves him a message and tells Walt that he can stay until he arrives. Walt decides to leave, and get’s her number in case he needs to reach her. As he leaves, he instructs Jack again to make it quick and painless and also that he doesn’t want Andrea and her son to see it. Hank, on the other hand, receives the voice mail left for Jesse and immediately smells the trap for Jesse by claiming “Nice try asshole” after hearing the message. He enters back at his home and states the rental company had removed all GPS tracking devices from their vans to Jesse and Steven. He also brings up that Walt may not know that.

Just a barrel full of money

Saul Goodman arrives at the car wash. Walt Jr is excited to see “the guy on our billboard!” As his car is being washed, he finds Walt and informs him that Huell is missing. Saul mentions giving Huell instructions and then goes dark, indicating he’s either arrested, or dead.  While Walt heads back inside the car wash, he receives a text message containing an image of buried money. In that instant, he receives a phone call from Jesse. He asks if it looks familiar, and that he found 7 barrels full in the desert using the GPS on the van he rented. Panicked, Walt rushes to the desert, running every red light and swerving through traffic rushing to get to where he buried the money. Jesse demands Walt to not hang up the phone or he’ll burn it all. While heading to the desert, Walt tries to make peace with Jesse and explains why he did what he did, even to the point of admitting he poisoned Brock but to an exact amount that would not be lethal. Once Walt arrives, he finds no one there and realizes he’s been duped. He smashes the phone and waits for Jesse, and even calls Jack to arrive to take out Jesse.

Upon seeing a vehicle, he see’s that Jesse is with Hank and Steven, and discovers that they have been working together all along. Feeling defeated, he ask’s Jack not to arrive and hangs up. With weapons drawn, Hank and Steven scream for Walt to surrender. Upon the self realization that he has been outsmarted, he surrenders to Hank. With cuffs holding Walt, Hank reads him his Miranda Rights. The only word coming out of Walt when asked if he understood his rights is “Coward” aimed directly at Jesse. Jesse proceeds to Walt and spits in his face with Hank and Steven breaking up the two. While celebrating his victory, Hank calls Marie and announces his success in catching Walt. Before he hangs up, he tells her he loves her.

In the background, Walt notices two vehicles arriving. He fears Jack had ignored his instructions and has arrived. Hank, Steven, and Jesse all notice the same vehicles and prepare themselves with Walt trying to warn them. As they arrive, 6 men draw their firearms and aim at Hank and Steven. Walt desperately tries to stop Jack, while Jack sees his target: Jesse Pinkman. With the two sides demanding orders from one another (Hank/Steven claiming police and to drop their weapons, Jack demanding to see badges), Jack signals his partner to start firing. With Walt in the cross fire, the two proceed to shoot.

The episode ends with a fade to black and their fate unknown. We all know Walt’s fate, but what about Hank, Jesse, and Steven? We have to wait until next week, but given the two are easily out manned and out gunned, their fates could be sealed. Last week I suggested that Walt ends up killing both Hank and Jesse, it appears that Todd’s uncle Jack is here to do the job for him. Just before their arrival, Jesse is shown grabbing the door, indicating he could or did make a run for it. Walt drops down besides the seats to hide from the oncoming spray of bullets, while Hank and Steven take cover and fire in return. There are a few possibilities with this outcome, given that Jack and his men could be too trigger happy and run out of ammo without killing anyone. Hank and Steven could be killed with Jesse getting away. Current promos show Jesse with a full set of hair, meaning he could be alive during the time jump.

Hank and Steven could survive the gun fight, killing a few of Jack’s crew, but somehow having Walt escape. Hank and Steven’s survival doesn’t seem likely, seeing as Walt has to escape regardless. AMC has posted a few images from next weeks episode, and has this one I have on the side. Walt is shown dirty, but not in handcuffs. This could very well indicate Hank and Steven’s death. From here, it opens up the possibility of Marie being the one to oust Walt as Heisenberg. Seeing as we don’t know who else is alive in the time jump, Hanks death could lead Marie into a rage and informing everyone. On top of that, Hanks death could lead to Walt going into hiding before being outed. Once completely out of the picture, Walt could be revealed as Heisenberg from any number of sources. That could be his reason to returning to Albuquerque in the first place. We even see him seeking the hidden ricin, meaning he’s there to kill someone. All in all, everyone was on the edge of their seats. It’s hard to imagine where the next episode will take us, but seems like the ride is just beginning. With brilliant writing, especially on Hanks police work, the intensity builds up between Walt and Jesse to a close, or so we thought. With only 3 episodes left in the series, Walt’s fall is starting to happen.

Grade A+ 


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