So Ben Affleck beat out Josh Brolin as Batman


Josh Brolin has revealed that he was in the running to play Batman in the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed Superman/Batman film. What?!?! Can you imagine Josh Brolin as Batman? He looks tough, and he would have one helluva Batman jaw and smirk. Yes, he would be the most menacing Batman to date on film. Sadly, that’s not the case, as we’re not getting Ben Affleck to fill the batsuit.

After the internet attacked Affleck, Brolin told The Huffington Post how he feels about the situation.

“I feel for him, truly. I would not want to be him right now.”

“Because of the Internet, man, I just feel for anybody who gets lambasted at that level. I want him to kick ass and I want everyone to love it and kind of eat their words.”

He discussed about how he didn’t make the cut for the Superman/Batman flick.

I didn’t have conversations about it, but Zack, that was part of his idea. It just didn’t turn out. It’s OK. It is OK. You know, another scenario might have worked better, but I’m happy for Ben.”

Do you guys think Brolin would’ve been a good Batman and Bruce Wayne? Sound off below!

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