Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX pre-launch event

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When Square Enix announced it was going to hold a pre-launch event for the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX at Downtown Disney, fans quickly RSVP’d in large numbers, showing Square Enix that fans in Southern California were excited for this game. Two days before the event, Square Enix announced on their Kingdom Hearts Facebook event page that it was moving the event to the Anaheim Marriott due to a much larger amount of fans who planned on attending, which was great since lines could be more organized, plus better air conditioning. Fans started lining up as early as 5am.

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Square Enix announced that there would be pins, posters and an early copy of the game to limited numbers of attendees. I arrived around 9:30am, and by then there were at least 600+ people ahead of my group. By about 11:30am the line had already gone outside and reached around the 1,000+ mark. By the time I finally got my game and other goodies, it was 3pm. There were even more fans in line at the time, so it’s hard to even imagine what the final total was. The doors opened at noon and slowly fans got a chance to go inside, where they would get in more lines! hurrah, five other lines to be exact which included a line to grab the limited edition event posters, buy a copy of the game, go to the Japanese lottery machine for Kingdom Hearts prizes, take a picture in front of a green screen, play 1.5 ReMix, and grab a piece of a Kingdom Hearts mural (if you found a lucky piece you won some prizes).

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The event was packed inside and outside, including fans attending in cosplay and/or showing off their love by wearing Kingdom Hearts merchandise. If you arrived after noon, chances are you were not getting a pin and weren’t getting in until about 2:30 pm-3 pm, since there were soo many fans. Plenty of fans were perfectly fine without getting a copy, since they could hang out with other Kingdom Hearts fans and show Square Enix how much the they enjoy the series.

There were fans who weren’t happy and it’s understandable, the lines were insanely long, and information was scarce regarding quantities and everything else going on. It did seem somewhat disorganized at times, but a lot of the staff were working very hard to keep everyone in line and keep things moving as best as they could. Once you made it inside you bought your game, took a picture at the green screen, took a piece of the Mural, and grabbed a poster there wasn’t much else left to do aside from playing the game but chances are you already bought a copy, but overall it seemed to go pretty well since the true goal of the event was to bring KH fans together in a community like event.

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It’s great to see Square Enix holding some great fan events. I am pretty sure the event exceeded their original expectations in number of attendees, which can only mean when 2.5 is announced they can plan on something even bigger.

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