Star Trek Into Darkness screenwriter gets mad and flames Trekkies


Star Trek Into Darkness did well at the box office and was well-received by critics. However, it wasn’t well-received by a lot of Star Trek fans (including our Trekkie writer).’s Joseph Dickerson wrote an editorial about how Star Trek is broken and how Into Darkness could be a better movie. The most important thing that he wanted to bring to light was that the movies failed when it came to exploration. With both movies out, we’re still no closer to boldly going where no man has gone before.

Well, it seems that co-screenwriter Roberto Orci wasn’t too pleased about the editorial and has decided to give the site a piece of his mind (he has been a fan of the site for 5 years). In the comment section, he pretty much says that Trekkies complaining should keep shut because there’s a reason why studios are paying him the big bucks to write. It even came to the point that Orci tells one fan to “F*ck Off.”

310. boborci – September 2, 2013
I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided.

Having said that, two biggest Star Treks in a row with best reviews is hardly a description of “broken.” And frankly, your tone and attidude make it hard for me to listen to what might otherwise be decent notions to pursue in the future. Sorry, Joseph. As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.

Respect all opinions, always, nonetheless.

A reader responds, and Orci replies with:

312. boborci – September 2, 2013

Ahmed, I wish you knew what you were talking about. I listened more than any other person behind the Trek franchise has EVER listened. And guess what? Glad I did becuase it lead to 2 biggest Trek’s ever.

You think action and thinking are mutually exclusive. Ok, then. Pitch me Into Darkness. Pitch me the plot, and let’s comapre it to other pitches. Go ahead. Let’s see if you actually understood the movie. Tell me what happened?

After another response from Ahmed, Orci gets angry:

318. boborci – September 2, 2013

312 Shitty Dodge. STID has infinetly more social commentary than Raiders in every Universe, and I say that with Harrison Ford being a friend. You lose credibility big time when you don’t honestly engage with the [frick]ING WRITER OF THE MOVIE ASKING YOU AN HONEST QUESTION. You prove the cliche of shitty fans. And rude in the process. So, as Simon Pegg would say: F*CK OFF!

Orci then gets called out for being rude, to which he replies with:

398. boborci – September 2, 2013

don’ take me too seriously. if you’ve been on this board for the lar 5 years (as I have beeb) you know that twice a year I explode at the morons. today, there seemed to be a congregation, so it seemed like a good time.

you are the most listened to fans ever. That doesn’t mean you will get is to do what you want. just means what I said: I listened. Then we decided, having heard as many opinions as possible. To paraphrase of one of my great and beloved heroes, George W. Bush, “we’re the deciders….

Orci wanted to make his point clear that he has no ill will towards Dickerson.

1437. boborci – September 7, 2013

Joseph, Wanted to make something clear in the middle of this moment. I hold nothing against you. I have loved Trekmovie from day one, and your article does not change that. I respect the site even more for that. And I hope some remember that out of the thousands (literally) of valuable interactions I’ve had here with great Trekkieas, my inelegence represents less than one percent of my interactions.

Do you think Orci was crossing the line? Do you think he should’ve been more professional with the fans?

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