Move over, Siri – Iron Man’s JARVIS comes to iOS September 10th

3193845-5988394842-J.AThe familiar operating system that seems to co-manage Tony Stark’s life in the Iron Man comics and movies is now coming to iOS devices to accompany the release of Iron Man 3 on home video, according to Marvel.


While it doesn’t necessarily beat management apps such as Siri in functionality, the cheeky novelty of the app justifies a download – JARVIS can help you schedule events, set wake-up calls and reminders, send messages (in text, video, and photo format), and post to Facebook.

It comes with specialized features that work in tandem with the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray, coming with a blueprint library with 42 Iron Man’s suits as well as a special “Ghost” file. When the disk is inserted, the app also works as a voice-controlled remote control, allowing fans to “say what they see” and let the app do the rest. Users can also download unique ringtones (though what they are has not been disclosed), and gain access to exclusive content just for the app.

Like Mr. Stark himself, users can activate JARVIS through voice commands and manage their lives on a small, but fun scale.  The app has no price as of yet, but will release on September 10th.

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