Kojima Productions Los Angeles studio opens with a sake smash

2013-09-05 18.03.34

As previously mentioned in our Metal Gear Solid 5 preview, September 5th was a historic day for gaming. It marks the opening of a new studio under Konami’s Kojima Productions branch.

After we were treated to a live gameplay demo of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Hideo Kojima and two of his colleagues participated in a Japanese tradition called Kagami Biraki, which means, “opening the lid.” They smacked a Kojima-branded sake barrel with some wooden mallets to allow harmony and fortune (and sake!) to enter their futures. A giant splash of sake erupted from the barrel, and a cheer from the crowd soon followed. I couldn’t help but feel that I was truly lucky to be there in that moment; to see a new studio under Kojima opening for the first time. It’s not every day this kind of opportunity comes around.

2013-09-05 18.06.43

Yoji Shinkawa, the art director for the Metal Gear series, unveiled a new piece to commemorate the event. The painting depicts Meryl Silverburgh and Solid Snake, and it evokes a sense of cooperation and a deep relationship between the two. He hopes that the Los Angeles team and the Tokyo team will have a similar working relationship.

What do you nerds think of the new office? Would you work there? I’d work there. Check out the rest of the pics and the swank new office KojiPro set up:

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2013-09-05 18.03.34

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