Star Wars Rumors: Two possible castings!

Spartacus Season 3 Red Carpet-79It looks like there are two new rumors for casting in Star Wars: Episode VII. With the rumors of Benedict Cumberbatch as a Sith, we hear about Liam McIntyre, of Starz’s Spartacus fame, has read for a part in the upcoming film and could possible become a Jedi. Lost Girl actress Ksenia Solo (yes, her last name is really Solo) has been rumored to be up for a role – possibly Han Solo and Princess Leia’s daughter.

Ksenia Solo

McIntyre is known for his role on Starz’s Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: War of the Damned as the the titled character. His acting and fighting ability (especially after training as a gladiator/rebel) fits the role of a disciplined Jedi. I really hope he gets the role because he really deserves it.

Ksenia Solo is known for her role as Kenzi in SyFy’s Lost Girl and for her role as swan, Veronica, in the Academy-nominated film Black Swan. As a fan of Lost Girl, she plays a fun and quirky character (the main character’s best friend) in the series and eventually has some cool fighting scenes. So, if she is their daughter AND a Jedi, she could pull it off. 


Source: Jedi News

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