‘Remixed’ NASA ad gives hope for the future


This mock NASA JPL advertisement was posted to boingboing.net a little over a year ago. It was created by Boing Boing reader William Jaspers after he saw a posting of the original ad (original placed in their flickr stream by fdecomite). You can read the original post HERE.

I wanted to share this, even though I’m certain many of you have already seen it, because somehow it seems important. This image is just as poignant and necessary now as it was when it was posted over a year ago, or when the original was posted in the late 60s for that matter. There’s no doubt that NASA has experienced some startling budget cuts in recent years; even as our society continues to benefit from the organization’s discoveries**. However, as discouraging as those setbacks may be, scientific literacy is becoming a much discussed issue once again.

There’s not one among us who has not looked up at the night sky and dreamt of going to the stars, and despite the advancements of private corporations, NASA is likely our best bet. We are a nation of dreamers and explorers. Our dreams take take not just strength and fortitude, but intelligence. It makes me kind of jazzed to know that some kid might run across this “remixed” ad and draw hope and drive from it, and maybe that hope and drive might take us all to the stars again.

I’ll go ahead and close with the words of Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, who speaks more eloquently than I ever could.

*With perhaps more on the way.

**Seriously, check this stuff out. All thanks to NASA.

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