Being Iron Man IRL: How to (kinda) dress like Tony Stark every day

In this new geek style series, we explore major characters in the nerd-world and their preferred choice of fashion. Let this be a guide to how you can add to your wardrobe to emulate these popular specimens in real life, but not actually cosplay as them everyday. See the first article on dressing like the Eleventh Doctor.

ironman-tonystark“A genius-billionaire-playboy philanthropist.” That’s at least how Tony Stark would describe himself, sans the Iron Man suit. It couldn’t be more true, and something can be said about his ability to be frank about who he truly is. Overcoming alcoholism and through some rude-awakenings, he’s become a very prideful, intelligent and heroic man.

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These characteristics are conveyed through his day-to-day wear. Sure, not all of us can be billionaires (and honestly, not all of us can try to be even one of the 4 adjectives he used to describe himself), but how about we let the clothes make the man this time?

Since he’s very boastful and wealthy, it’s important to always keep a crisp look. He’s an engineer, so tech is obviously very important. And, he’s a smartass and a womanizer (who can get away with it), so let’s keep you well-groomed and the most bold and stylish in the room.


  • A well-tailored black suit. Okay, before you freak out, let me just state that 1) every man needs a nice suit handy for many occasions, like an interview or a black-tie event, and 2) finding a decent suit doesn’t require a billionaire’s bank account. Find a suit from either a suit warehouse or even a Target (think Merona), and then find a dry cleaners or alterations place that will tailor the suit so it can “fit” your frame. Also, the suit doesn’t have to be black, it can be tan, but black is an all-season color.

  • A crisp, white button up. Simple — something super white and clean.



  • Bold, patterned neckties. If you notice the kind of ties Tony tends to don, they are colored (bold, no pastels or neons) and have a nice texture to them. The patterns are almost reminiscent of the 70s, as the florals are vintage-inspired, and the stripes are bold. Patterns can’t be too campy, however, as he’s still a playboy and needs to be taken seriously. To make it easy, get a striped, skinny necktie, or vintage florals, paisley and micro-checked prints.

  • Comfortable, nice black dress shoes. Tony is always going somewhere important, so it’s important to wear shoes that can go from day to night, yet comfortable enough to wear and stand in all day. Here’s what I would do: purchase some black leather shoes from Target, some stylish colored shoelaces, and some Dr. Scholl’s.


  • Cool sunglasses. The type of shades Tony wears vary, but the they tend to be low-tinted and metal-framed. His eyes are still visible through the sunglasses, probably because he’s self-absorbed enough to want people to see his beautiful eyes. I’d opt for metal frames instead of black, as they sort of signify the Iron Man armor.

  • A big, techy watch. Probably the one piece of accessory you could wear that will show off your geekiness, look for watches that do more than just tell the time. I’d go for something utilitarian and metal, but again, we don’t have billionaire bank accounts.

  • A tie bar. Because cool. And, it adds more of that metal touch you need.


    Clean lines, tousled hair


  • Trimmed, shaped beard and mustache. If you are one of the fortunate ones to grow a thick set of facial hair, keep it at a “2” on your trimmer and shaped.

  • Tousled hair. Light product, but some hairspray to keep it away from your face. Consult your hair doctor for more information.

  • Remember, he’s a billionaire playboy. Smell like a million bucks, mani and pedi like a hip-hop star.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have a lot of money to look like a billionaire playboy, but no amount of advice from me will make you seem like a genius and a philanthropist (but maybe drinking this can get you just another tad bit closer.)

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