Breaking Bad Season 5 ‘Rabid Dog’ Recap

Two worlds have collided. One was a small time drug dealer that also cooked meth. The other, a father, husband, and chemistry teacher finding out his time is limited. Upon reuniting since high school, their worlds have changed. Together, they became the biggest meth cooks in New Mexico, and have downed a big drug empire while taking over and cementing their fates. With their empire, and money, continuing to grow and the body count stacking just as high, the two have called in and left the business. Despite their troubled past, one thing remains clear, their loyalty towards each other has never failed. With Hank discovering the truth about Walt, his search for every possible lead has led him to the one thing that could put him away for sure: Jesse Pinkman. Filled with rage after figuring out Walt’s decision to poison a boy to fool Jesse into believing it was Gus, he’s ready, gas can in hand, to burn Walt to the ground. With the realization that Walt wants him out of the state (dead or alive) to protect himself, he’s geared up and ready to take Walt with him. Only this time, he has an unlikely ally with him.

This episode starts off right from where it left off. Walt, upon arriving home, see’s Saul Goodman’s vehicle abandoned in his driveway. Armed, he enters his home to confront Jesse.

In your own Lion’s Den

Jumping over the wall, Walt sneaks in through the back to enter his home. After a few steps, he notices the gasoline smell and gas can on the floor. Panicked, Walt goes room-to-room, gun pointing in front of him, trying to find Jesse. Unable to find him, he heads to the last room of his home, his bedroom. Slowly, Walt exits his bedroom with Jesse nowhere in sight. Walt has a carpet cleaning crew arrive to remove the smell of gasoline and Saul Goodman’s lackey Huell arriving to pick up his car. Walt informs him to find Jesse Pinkman. Upon realizing that the gasoline smell won’t leave, Walt tries to hide what happened by dousing his clothes with gasoline and make it appear that a pump malfunctioned. Both Skyler and Walt Jr question what actually happened, and Walt decides to have them stay in a high scale hotel so the carpet can be replaced. At the hotel parking lot, Walt meets with both Saul and Kuby to discuss what to do about Jesse, with Saul suggesting to do away with him like Old Yeller. Again, Walt snaps back at Saul for suggesting the idea and tells him to never bring it up again.

Back at the hotel room, Walt tries to hide his reasoning for taking too long to get ice. Skyler immediately informs him that she knows he was meeting with Saul. After demanding to know what’s going on, Walt informs her that Jesse broke in and tried to burn the house down. Scared, Skyler scorns Walt given that they argued before about who would come knocking on the door. Walt brushes her fear aside stating that Jesse changed his mind since he wasn’t there when he arrived. She argues to ‘deal with it’, but Walt refuses to kill Jesse.

Walt is the devil

Rewind to Jesse breaking into the Walt’s home. After dousing gasoline throughout their living room, he pulls out a lighter and is about to set the house ablaze. Just before he lights up a magazine, Hank rushes in, gun raised, and demands Jesse to drop the lighter. After a small exchange, Jesse agrees to help Hank in an effort to bring down Walt. He takes him to his vehicle and leave just mere seconds before Walt arrives looking for Jesse. Marie, discussing her situation with her psychiatrist without dwelling into exact details, arrives home to see Hank with luggage. Hank suggests that she leave town for a few days. Not wanting to leave, Marie pressures Hank to let her know what’s going on. Hank reveals he has his key witness, and show her a sleeping Jesse Pinkman. She agrees to have him stay, but will not leave. Hank hears the phone ring in the next room, and as he grabs the phone he sees a voice message was left on Jesse’s phone. It’s Walt, sending a message to Jesse and trying to convince him to calm down.

Jesse wakes up and walks out the room to find Marie. She offers him coffee, to which he agrees. Wandering a bit, he finds Hank and Steven Gomez, with Hank setting up a camera. Questioning his motives, Hank informs Jesse that he’ll record his statement and to provide every detail of him working with Walt. Jesse refutes the idea; seeing as Walt has left the business and that there is no physical evidence to pin on him. He believes that the court will favor Walt since it’s his word (a meth junkie) against Walt’s (a cancer stricken patient). Still, he decides to record his statement. Hank and Steven discuss Jesse’s statement citing no physical evidence to pin against Walt. Walt tries to reach Jesse and leaves a voicemail on his cell. Hank replays the message to Jesse, which indicates Walt wants to meet with Jesse to reconcile what has happened. Hank suggests to Jesse to meet with him with a wire to catch Walt admitting to his crimes. Jesse fears for his safety, but agrees to do it. Steven also suggests his life is in danger, to which Hank replies they’ll catch it on tape and use it as evidence. Hank believes that Jesse’s statement and Walt’s likely hit on Jesse, he has more than enough evidence to put Walt away for good.

I may have another job for your uncle…

With Hank placing a wire on Jesse, he sends him off to meet with Walt. As Jesse slowly approaches Walt, he becomes paranoid the closer he gets to him. As he is walking towards walt, Jesse sees a bald man staring in his direction. Startled, he assumes that the bald man is a hit man waiting for him to kill him. Jesse in a panic turns around and heads toward a pay phone. Still waiting at the bench, Walt receives a call from Jesse. He informs Walt that what he had planned before was bad, so he’s going to hit him where he really lives. He hangs up and leaves the area, with an enraged Hank after him. He demands to know his reasoning for blowing this opportunity to which Jesse replies he has a better idea. A worried Walt leaves the area, and passes by the bald man, which is revealed to be an innocent man waiting for his daughter to arrive. Just as he gets to his car, Walt calls Todd and informs him of another job he needs from his uncle.

The episode ends on a high note, with Walt possibly doing what he stated he would never do: kill Jesse Pinkman. After phoning Todd and requesting a job for his uncle, it’s appears that Jesse now has a hit on him. On top of that, Hank is still pursuing Walt despite the video recording Walt made framing him as Heisenberg. With that still over his head, Hank has to be careful in how he proceeds. If Walt does succeed and takes out Jesse, he will no doubt release the video to the general public, completely destroying Hank’s good name and possibly facing jail time. The next episode can lead to so many possibilities as we inch closer to the series finale and soon enough find out how exactly Walt was exposed as Heisenberg. My theory is that Walt ends up killing both Hank and Jesse to hide his secret, and in the process exposing himself as Heisenberg. Seeing as he has killed (directly and indirectly) before, he’s willing to do anything to keep his secret, but soon enough, the secret will be out.

Grade A-

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