2D fighter Chaos Code now available on PSN

CC_SS06When looking as to whether or not one should get the fighting game Chaos Code, now finally released in NA on the PS3, you have to ask yourself a series of questions:

Should you purchase Chaos Code because it’s a well animated 2D fighter published by Guilty Gear and BlazBlue creators Arc System Works?

Should you get it because it has a unique cast of 14 characters, each with their own playstyle?

Should you get it for the new story mode and the ability to choose between different dash types when picking your character?

Should you get it because it only costs twelve bucks over PSN?

Of course, then you realize that such questions aren’t even necessary, as the real reason you should get Chaos Code is because you can play as a grappling chef named Bravo Peperoncine, who throws his opponents around using explosive barrels, sausage links, and a giant goddamn skillet.

But, if you’re looking for other reasons to get the game that don’t involve brawling chefs that attack with food stuffs, you can always check out the official trailer below and see for yourself.

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