Organ Trail: Surviving zombies in a retooled classic

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Abigail has dysentery

If those words seem familiar to you, you likely remember the computer sensation that was Oregon Trail…and if those words are familiar to you for a different reason, well you should probably get Abigail some medical attention.

I remember vividly sitting in my school computer lab, trying desperately to make the trek from Missouri to Oregon without getting murdered by bears or dying of starvation. It was morbidly fascinating and darkly humorous. And while Oregon Trail remains a lynchpin in edutainment for school children even today, I’d like to think my tastes have advanced beyond pixilated frontier tragedy…but I’d be wrong.


The brilliant folks at THE MEN WHO WEAR TOO MANY HATS have developed and updated version of the classic game to the post apocalypse. All of the hall marks are there, buying supplies, hunting, treating injuries and trying to make it to the gated city in the pacific northwest. The difference? Zombies.


Organ Trail is a browser game that can also be purchased on STEAM and for mobile devices, and it is a blast to play! It’s designed to look like it was made for the Apple II and carries references to everything from the classic George Romero “dead films” to Resident Evil and Shaun of the Dead. You and four friends try to make it across the country and not get eating by the infected as you try to make it to a safe haven in the West. It includes atmospheric chiptune music, creating a mood that gives a horrific undercurrent to a well loved classic.

If you have the time (you’ll need it, because you get sucked in), you should definitely check out Organ Trail. You can play it free HERE.

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