Help Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune fund Mighty No. 9 with Kickstarter

a1d0e45fc7a68f4c962f2ebcd7a2210c_largeI’ve been a huge supporter of Kickstarter from the beginning; it has so much potential to fund some great opportunities. From creating products that can benefit people to raising money to make an anime series or create a great video game without the need of having to find a company to invest in it. There have been a few instances where Kickstarter has funded a few games, but this is the first one I have personally been excited more for than anything to see funded. The game is titled Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor of Mega Man. You can check out the Kickstarter here.

Created by the father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune ended up leaving Capcom to do what he loves, create video games. Inafune brought the world Mega Man, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Onimusha as well as worked on so many projects at Capcom. From his start on Street Fighter where he designed the art for the character Adon, he even worked on games like Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers and Ducktales. Inafune would work his way up from illustrations and graphic designer to executive producer and then finally Global Head of Production, and eventually left to start his own company Comcept.

Inafune never stopped his love for working on games and had some more ideas. While still at Capcom, he worked on Mega Man Universe, which was a great idea that was eventually canceled. There was so much of an outcry from fan support, he talked Capcom into working on Mega Man Legends 3 (Rockman Dash 3), where the game would be designed and worked on with the help of the community. Inafune left during the time of the development, but assured us the project was left in good hands, but eventually Capcom canceled the project around the time the first demo was to be released. This left not only the fans shocked, sad and disappointed, but Inafune as well.

In the kickstarter video, Inafune talks about his disappointment with how things turned out. While Capcom owns the rights to the Mega Man, he knows fans have really enjoyed and embraced the gameplay and style for over two decades. He wanted to create a game with a great sense of nostalgia, but at the same time adapt to changes.

d872aedcdccf552f3a519ee565576732_largeMighty No. 9 focuses on new robot named Beck. He is the 9th robot of many powerful robots created and somehow he is the only one who wasn’t affected by a strange virus. Beck must defeat the other infected robots by using his abilities like running, jumping, using his blaster and absorbing the abilities of his enemies, the Mighty Number Robots.


Right now the game is currently in development only for steam and DRM-free digital distribution methods with a goal of $900,000. There are quite a few stretch goals planned including versions for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U versions if they can reach 2.5 million dollars. There are plenty of rewards for backers which are pretty awesome, which include plushies, shirts, and autographed goodies. The coolest part is that everyone who backs it will get to be a part of contests, surveys and polls which will affect and help in the process of making the game which has plans to release in 2015.

f931b358714ef631883c1b4f0b8250ba_largeFor fans who have been waiting for that new Mega Man/Mega Man-like game, this is something to take a look at. It features a few members who worked on previous Mega Man titles including Manami Matsumae, who worked on the original music and sounds of the first Mega Man game along with other former Capcom employees who worked on multiple Mega Man series titles and more.

The Kickstarter only started a day ago and is already over $650k, meaning it’s already over 50% of its goal. I am still extremely excited and hyped to see this game, I pledged my $60 bucks though I wish I had more for the plush and shirt, but either way I am glad I could back such a great project.

*Update*  It has already surpassed the original goal of $900k which is awesome, with 29 days to go I can’t wait to see what other stretch goals will happen

All Images and information from the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page



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