Microsoft and Google, suing the government hand in hand


They say money talks, and that it’s loud. Well 2 of the biggest tech companies that are rolling in it have decided to put it to some use. They’re suing the government. No really, that’s what they’re doing.

In an effort to get the government to be more open about it’s data collecting, they’ve tried with not 1 or 2, but SIX talks with government officials and they’ve all ended in failure. So they decided to just put the government’s balls in a vice and force them to agree to transparency.

“To followers of technology issues, there are many days when Microsoft and Google stand apart,” writes Smith. “But today our two companies stand together.” Brad Smith, who works as Microsofts’ general counsel, wrote that on the company’s policy blog. I don’t know about you but when I read something like that with an event like this? I can’t help but imagine something like 2 countries going to war against a 3rd country.

-Source: IGN

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