MUSEMINI UberBuds look uber awesome!


MUSEMINI, who are known for their line high quality sound products, have recently released their next item: UberBuds. If you’re into active outdoor activities, but want to listen to music or media via your Bluetooth device, then the UberBuds would be a great choice to go for.

It comes in different trendy colors!

It comes in different trendy colors!

As a person who enjoys outdoor activities myself, these earpieces would go really well with my jogs and hikes. Of course the UberBuds don’t seem to be limited to just outdoor use. Since it’s Bluetooth, you can use them for games and also making phone calls, as per their webpage here.

These UberBuds look pretty interesting and hopefully we can get our hands on these headphones to be able to test them out on the hiking trails near here! Be on the look out for a possible upcoming review!


  • Wireless/Hands-Free
  • Bluetooth 4.0/UberTone High Quality Sound
  • APTX/AAC Compatible
  • Compatibility with iPad, Android, and Blackberry
  • Long battery life (8 hours)
  • UberGTM
  • SignalROM
  • Lifetime Warranty
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