Xbox One release date leaked? *Updated*

By Joe Gonzalez

*Update* It seems the reports weren’t true as an Xbox rep informed Kotaku that Xbox One won’t be releasing on November 8th, but I am pretty sure we will still see it launch in the later half of November.

Seems like Microsoft isn’t ready to start the race behind Sony. Kotaku has recently received a leaked marketing email from Walmart which indicates that the launch of the Xbox One is happening on Friday, November 8 of this year. If the leaks proves to be true, this gives Microsoft a week head start on Sony, beating it twice to the market two generations in a row.

The image shown by Kotaku lists upcoming games with a ‘Midnight Launch Confirmed’ as well as the PS4, but lacks ‘Confirmed’ on the Xbox One. This could be that either Walmart is estimating a launch day on or around there, or Microsoft has hinted retailers ahead of time before confirming the actual launch date.

xbox one

I’d imagine though, one week won’t have the same impact as the launches of the PS3/360. With a year head start, the 360 dominated the market before Sony could release their PS3, and the launch was troubled with a high price tag and a minimal selection of games. By the time the PS3 was released, the 360 had cemented itself in the market with a huge selection of games (including taking games meant to be PS3 exclusives), and a well implemented online system. This year, both Sony and Microsoft are ready to tackle another battle for top spot in the gaming market. With both consoles (tentatively)shipping out within a week of each other, the only true winners of this battle are the gamers playing them.

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