Looks like Vin Diesel just confirmed to do Groot’s motion capture


Vin Diesel is a busy busy man in Hollywood, and he’s getting ready to start work on Fast and the Furious 7. We do also know that he’ll be voicing Groot from Guardian’s of the Galaxy. Vin did just release to the via ShockTillYouDrop, that not only will he voice Groot, but he will also be doing the motion capture for Groot as well! Here’s what he spilled:


“It’ll be voiceover, MoCap and all of that stuff,” Diesel says. “It’s going to be super cool.”

Oh yes, Mr. Diesel. This bit of news is not only super cool, but pretty big. I initially thought his role would just be the voice, but if he’s also doing the mo-cap work, then that means Groot IS Vin. He also caught up with The Hollywood Reporter and stated this:

“What we were intially talking about was a fresh IP,” says Diesel, “and that was the focus of our conversation. A fresh IP that would come out in 2016 or 2017 to potentially launch a third phase. When we went to Comic-Con, we realized that we wanted something more immediate.”


Excuse me? What was that? With those dates that he just released, it looks like there’s something for Marvel’s Phase 3. We know Ant-Man is going to be in Phase 3, along with Doctor Strange. However, what is this “new fresh IP” that he’s talking about? Will it be Luke Cage? Will it be Black Panther? Or….will it be Namor? I’m getting goosebumps as to what Vin Diesel will reveal to us in the following months, because Phase 2 hasn’t even ended yet!











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