LG’s G2 – Hoping to break the mold

Before you even start reading any further, take a look at your phone. No it’s fine, just pull it out of your pocket and just examine it for a minute or so, I’m not going anywhere.


Finished? Ok. For most of you, your phone is a square thin object that does a few things: Makes calls, checks email, posts stuff on Facebook and browses sites like Reddit for funny or stupid pictures

Sometimes it's a little bit of both.

Sometimes it’s a little bit of both.

But for the most part, if your phone didn’t exist, what would the difference be if you bought a different phone? Probably not much. That’s pretty much LG’s mindset when launching their new G2 this morning in New York.



Sarcasm aside, a lot of the additions to their new phone are very subtle, like the hardware, giving it a crapton of power, quadcore ram and its own dedicated GPU (a piece of hardware meant for making videos and games run faster), and a “Slide Save” feature where you can open up to 3 apps at once, slide them off in case you have some other things to do like [insert something you can’t multitask here] and save them for later. And since it runs off of Androids “Jellybean” software (one of the most oddest sounding software names I’ve ever heard), it’s got that idiot-proof drag and drop software so you can play some emulators, take a call and post your screenshots on Facebook all at once.

I swear I'll beat this game someday.

I swear I’ll beat this game someday.

They’ve also decided to have it available for the major carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon, which means with the former you can just end the contract and swap it onto a cheaper carrier like Net10 so you don’t end up paying $150+ a month, which is a boon considering most people are going to have to get the contract version if they want this phone.

One thing I will note however about that back button is that sometimes when I put my phone in my pocket, the lining of my pocket somehow causes it to turn on again from the lock screen, so will it be the same for this phone? No idea. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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