Disney Infinity Review: Great for kids and insomniacs!

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I mean this in the most positive way possible!

Disney Infinity is all at once a creative landscape builder, near-direct Skylanders concept ripoff, and probably one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had playing a video game. The game features a playable mode for “playsets”, which are worlds built around settings from various Disney films and cartoons. In most playsets, you help characters within the setting achieve a task, retrieve an object, or take down bad guys within the playset. The other half of the game is the Toy Box feature, where players can use pieces collected to build their own unique playsets and invite others to come play.

Outside of loving the figurines, not much attracted me to Disney Infinity originally. It wasn’t until San Diego Comic-Con this year where I was able to demo the game and learn more about the functionality. I almost immediately fell in love with the Toy Box feature, as a big fan of Minecraft and also someone who obsesses over decorating. An entire plane of space where I could create any kind of world I wanted? Sign me up!

Let’s get the looming bad out of the way first: I cannot argue that this isn’t an incredible marketing ploy by Disney. But hey – that’s what we expect from big studios! Characters from Frozen, a movie that hasn’t come out yet, are featured in Disney Infinity’s opening sequence, so it’s easy to tell that Disney is attempting to turn this into a franchise among younger players. Collectible, familiar figurines and a video game with mostly puzzle and skill-based challenges make for the perfect kid’s present.

But let’s talk about that opening: The player is introduced into a world that expands before them as they advance. A wholesome narrator (Yuri Lowenthal) introduces the player as a spark, an idea, that grows with imagination. As you move forward, you encounter iconic Disney characters both past and present, including Jack the Pumpkin King, Rapunzel, Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope, and Mickey Mouse himself.

The characters’ lines really stand out throughout the game. When logging in a day after playing last, I was greeted with a “Yesterday was fun!” by Sully, which came off as slightly eerie, but it mainly brought a smile to my face. To me, it’s a great addition to the game that kids will find enjoyable. Sully remembered me!

The game can be a little slow initially, based on the fact that you’re given so much to do at once. Exploring worlds and accomplishing missions will earn you points, objects, and spins on the Toy Vault, which holds a hefty amount of decent pieces for a Toy Box.

Disney Infinity is fantastic for those of us who enjoy spending the occasional entire weekend in relaxing, but don’t want to put down the controller. It’s great for kids and parents alike, and puts an adorable spin on the spectrum of world-building games. You can set traps and enemies for visiting players, create puzzles or race tracks, and visit other maps to collect new items and upgrade your status.

The Toy Box feature gives you the option to create multiple playsets and is as expansive as your imagination (and time) is. Last Saturday, my imagination happened to be quite extensive, so I ended up building an entire playset overnight. Pride Rock serves as a diving board over a waterfall and race tracks swing ‘round skyscrapers.

It’s highly entertaining, a little gimmicky, and not great for someone looking for an ongoing plot. I’m excited to see what player interactions will develop into, and I’m holding out hope that classic characters will find their way into the game. Still, the challenge of creativity, friendly characters, and fun cameos in the game are certainly worth checking out.

Grade: C

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