Rumor alert: Matt Damon in talks to return to Bourne movies

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With Jeremy Renner and screenwriter Anthony Peckham signed on for the next Bourne movie, rumors have started that Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) and previous Bourne director Paul Greengrass are in talks to come back to the franchise.

According to Twitch Film, Damon said he would only return if Greengrass were to direct the film – which may happen. Renner’s Aaron Cross would not be removed from the series. Instead, it’d be a crossover between the two action heroes.

Damon had previously stated on ScreenRant regarding his take on Bourne 5:

“You know, if they had a script, I mean I’d love it. Paul and I have talked about doing another one for years. We’ve been kind of dancing around it. We just never could find a story that we felt was good enough. And if we could, then we’d do it, and we’d do it in a second. We love the character, we love the world and I’d love to do it. But it’s always been…We don’t want to get into it like ‘Oh, you guys’ll figure it out,’ because then it just means years off of our lives. And the last movie was really, really tough. We had no script and we were making the movie for a release date on the fly. And at that budget it was really terrifying and stressful and there’s no reason to do that.

If there is a great movie to be made, then we can figure it out beforehand and then go make it, the way you always do. You know what I mean? But nobody’s ever come forward with that script, so we’ll see. I mean I want to do it, but we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.

If this proves to be true, the next Bourne movie may be bigger than the previous movies – The Return of Bourne.

We will keep you updated.

Source: Twitch Film, ScreenRant

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