Reelz: FanAddicts shows fandom to the extreme


I like to consider myself a fangirl. I collect Star Trek and Doctor Who figurines and cool toys and dress up at the conventions. I get overly excited over new products and episodes. I really thought highly of myself as a fan, that is until I saw FanAddicts!

When I first heard about the show, I groaned at the premiere of another reality show featuring geeks, their obsessions, and the horrible shows that had portrayed geeks in the past. Instead of showcasing our love for our geekdom, shows have previously mocked and belittled our geek culture. Fortunately, Reelz did not do that.

In the first episode (premiering this Wednesday on Reelz), we meet Stephen Petricka Harry Potter fan who spent most of his life collecting Harry Potter memorabilia and dressing up like Harry Potter in an attempt to “be him” for just a little bit as a way to escape his troubled childhood. He is also in the Guinness Book of World Records holder for largest collection of Harry Potter movie memorabilia. In this episode, we see his obsession with Harry Potter and how “The-Boy-Who-Lived” had changed his life entirely.


We see his real story of growing up and the positive changes of being a geek (in Petrick’s case – loving JK Rowling and Harry Potter) has made on his life. We see his journey from his imaginary world of wizards to trying to live in the real world as an artist. We see him saying goodbye to some of his prized possessions in an attempt to live his dream as a graphic artist and novelist.

The show breaks down Petrick’s journey from introducing his collection and cosplay habits to his reasoning for this obsession to him trying to live his life post-Potter. There are no edits that make him appear crazy or kooky. The show presents Petrick as a kid growing up, inspired by his fandom, and ready to move on to bigger and better things.

I applaud Reelz and FanAddicts! for telling the story how it is.  Did I mention that classic Batman, Adam West himself, hosts the show? Win. I approve of this show.

FanAddicts! premieres on Wednesday, August 28th at 10pm ET/PT on the Reelz Channel.


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