The Humble Origin Bundle


There’s only a day and a half left for the latest Humble Bundle: the Humble Origin Bundle. This bundle features a wealth of games from EA / Origin and is a great way to stock up on some big games on the cheap.

While the Internet loves to rag on EA, myself included, we have to give them credit on this bundle. For the Humble Origin Bundle, EA is donating 100% of its portion to charity, and as always, you can allocate how much goes to which charities, along with how much the people behind the Humble Bundle (not EA) get for their part.

Here are the games in the bundle:

  1. Dead Space
  2. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
  3. Crysis 2: Maximum Edition
  4. Mirror’s Edge
  5. Dead Space 3
  6. Medal of Honor

If you pay more than the average (currently $4.92 at the time of writing this article) you also get:

  1. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising
  2. Battlefield 3
  3. Populous
  4. The Sims 3 + Starter Pack (expansion pack and DLC)

As you can see, that’s quite a lot of bang for your buck up for grabs and you get to set the price. Best of all, it’s all going to a good cause of your choice! All of the games come with codes to unlock them on Origin, but many of them also come with codes to unlock them on Steam. See the official bundle page for which games are offered on which platform. There’s very limited time left (1 day, 14 hours at the time of writing this) so check it out quick!

Click here to check out the Humble Origin Bundle

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