Cosplay photographer is set on suing Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay


Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay is getting slammed by the cosplaying community left and right, but yet the cosplayers can’t take their eyes off of it. It looks like things are going to get uglier, now that cosplay photographers Bryan Humphrey and Darrell Ardita of BGZ Studios are aimed at suing Syfy and NBC for infringing on Humphrey’s copyright.

The story is that Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay used Humphrey’s photos without his consent, and now he is set on suing the them if they don’t take care of the settlement of $28,000 for licensing and a small fee for infringement. Darrell Ardita has chronicled the interactions with NBC personnel, and it included them threatening the careers of cosplayers featured on the show.

Ardita said, “Very soon after my response, SyFy did the unthinkable. They turned it around and started attacking the cosplayers in question – which was completely not my intention. SyFy threatened to compromise the careers of the cosplayers featured in the show. Reality TV production at its best.”

The deadline for Syfy/NBC to settle is September 24th, 2013. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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