Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 ‘Confessions’ Recap

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By Joe Gonzalez

Door slams shut. Hank is ready to go face to face with another enemy from his past, eager to get the information he needs to put away Walt/Heisenberg for good. From the last episode, it seems like Hank is willing to pursue any lead he comes across. At any cost, Hank wants Walt put away for good. Maybe it’s his ego, or perhaps that he was blinded by Walt’s deception, Hank is armed and ready to correct his mistakes. I mentioned the clock is ticking for Heisenberg, but a few more clocks appear to be ending as well…

Hail to the Chef

The episode begins with Todd calling Heisenberg to inform him of the previous episode’s massacre. Todd and his uncle Jack have taken out the Arizona Drug Cartel at the orders of Lydia. Since Declan was unwilling to follow Heisenberg’s formula, it was decided he had to be removed. From there, Todd began retelling the story of the big train heist. His uncle Jack and a friend of his are thrilled to hear how the heist was pulled off. Word for word, the two men were eating it up, excited on Todd’s success. With Declan out of the way, Todd is ready to take over as the main cook for meth, and Jack is ready to make money. Declan has stated he doesn’t trust Todd since he has started a fire regardless of the first batches being better than his offering. Was Declan right about Todd not being ready to cook?

Desperation is written all over Hank’s face. Trying to convince Jesse to help him out, he fails at getting Jesse to talk. Hank tells Jesse that he knows Walt is Heisenberg, his partner, and wants to put him away for good. Jesse is startled at his discovery, but brushes off Hank’s attempt to persuade him, even turning down Hank’s offer of “everything goes away.” Despite their differences, Jesse has always shown loyalty to Walt, and vice versa. Before Hank can continue to push Jesse into talking, Saul Goodman walks in informing the two cops of their history. Given the fact that Hank assaulted Jesse, Hank leaves while Saul threatens the cops and Hank with a civil lawsuit. Once everyone has left the room, Saul berates Jesse at his stupidity. Concerned for Walt and Jesse, Saul finds out that Jesse hasn’t confessed or acknowledged his connect to Walt. Walt, in the meantime, demands to have Saul get Jesse out of police custody at all costs.

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This Is “My Confession”

Back at home, Walt Jr. asks Walt if he can go to Hank and Marie’s house. Curious, Walts asks why and is told that Marie has asked for help and to stay for dinner. Just before Walt Jr. leaves the house, Walt sits down with him and declares his cancer has returned. Disturbed, Walt Jr asks many questions and fears the worst. While Walt confirms he will beat cancer again, Walt Jr. states he won’t leave his side.

Later, Walt and Skyler wait for Hank and Marie to arrive at a restaurant. Tension fills the air while the four sit face to face. Just before Walt can talk, the waiter breaks the tension, reminding the four they are in a public place. As the waiter leaves, Hank demands for Walt’s confession, to which Walt explains there is nothing to confess. The discussion heats up with Hank affirming they will not walk away from this, to which Skyler shockingly claims everything that has happened is in the past. That’s the closest Walt and Skyler have gotten to fully confessing their crimes. With Walt desperately trying to plead with Hank to stop his investigation for their children, to leave them out of it, Marie tells Walt to kill himself to fully allow everything to die with him. Just before the Whites leave, Walt leaves behind a disc.

At home, Hank and Marie view Walt’s confession. A pre-recorded message informing the viewer of Walt’s connection to Heisenberg, in which he claims Hank is Heisenberg. Word for word, Marie and Hank’s moral drops as Walt pieces everything together and ties it against Hank. Walt confesses to cooking meth for Hank/Heisenberg, and Hank using his connections and contacts he has made as a DEA agent to hide everything. Without proof on Hank’s side to implicate Walt as Heisenberg, Hank is defeated. Before Hank can truly admit it’s over, he wonders about the medical bills Walt covered. Confused, Hank questions Marie, to which she confirms the Whites paid for all his medical expenses. Disturbed, Hank questions her motives, to which Marie knew he wouldn’t take the money, nor would be able to walk again without it. Troubled, Hank ponders his next move.

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“A New Life Ahead”

Alone in the desert, Jesse and Saul wait for Walt to arrive. Not knowing what to expect, Jesse becomes anxious about the meeting taking place. As Walt arrives, he inspects Saul’s vehicle for tracking devices, to which Saul explains he checked already. Walt excuses Saul and talks to Jesse. Trying to convince Jesse to leave for good, Jesse deduces that Walt wants him to leave to protect himself, not to help Jesse. He belittles Walt for trying to hide his true intentions and demands Walt to acknowledge he wants him gone or will kill him, the same way he killed Mike (Walt killed Mike because he needed info on the 10 people that can implicate him. Mike was already ready to disappear). A cold faced Walt stares at Jesse as he walks up to him. Though Jesse feared the worst, Walt hugs Jesse as he breaks down in tears.

Ready to move on, Jesse agrees to Walt’s request and Saul prepares his departure. Provided with money and a ride, Jesse leaves to his new life ahead of him. Just before he leaves, Jesse frantically searches for his bag of weed, in which Saul’s lacky pickpocketed from his jacket. With only his pack of cigarettes and remembering when a cigarette was missing from his jacket, Jesse realizes that Walt had asked Saul to steal the cigarette containing the ricin. Piecing things together, he confronts Saul at gunpoint and demands Walt’s reasoning, to which Saul confirms his involvement and Walt’s request, but denies knowing why. As Jesse rushes to Walt’s home, Saul warns Walt. Arming himself with a weapon stashed in his vending machine, he heads home to confront Jesse. Bursting through the door splashing gasoline everywhere in his path, Jesse awaits for Walt.

With that, Jesse appears to have reached his end. I’ve suggested that Walt would kill Jesse to hide his secrets, and with Jesse discovering how evil Walt truly is (poisoning a 10-year-old boy), Jesse is ready to take out Walt. Knowing that Walt survives the events of Season 5, we are left wondering if Walt kills Jesse. Hank also is faced with the biggest challenge of his career. Face to face with the biggest meth dealer in Arizona, Hank is desperate to put Walt away. In his desperation, Walt appears to have effectively stopped Hank in his conquest for justice. Hank can now only continue his investigation in secret with Walt’s blackmail hanging over his head. If he continues to push, Walt can destroy Hank’s career while implicating himself as a meth cook with Hank being Heisenberg. Under the impression of being forced against his will, Hank’s options have drastically shrunk. What he does next is yet to be seen.

This episode changes everything! With a great script and great performances from all actors, we’re left begging for more answers as to what happens next. The pacing is slowly picking up to Heisenberg’s fall, and with Jesse’s recent discovery, the pieces are falling together to which I claimed last week was “something big.” With one confrontation 5 seasons in the making out of the way (Hank vs. Walt), we now see another confrontation spiraling out of control and into our screens. Jesse’s thirst for blood has grown and is seeking Walt for vengeance. The clock is counting down and Jesse could have reached his last breath. Tick, tock…

Grade: A

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