Fans go nuts with reveal of ‘real’ Lobo for DC’s New 52

DC Comics has released new information about everybody’s favorite space bounty hunter. No, not Boba Fett. I’m talking about Lobo. Well, the Lobo we know and love isn’t who he claims to be. Yes, DC has revealed that there is a “real” Lobo. This “real” Lobo is out for blood, as he’s on a mission to kill the man who has stolen his identity. All this in Justice League #23.2: Lobo.

When DC debuted the art for the “real” Lobo, fans went nuts and raged about how he looks like a model. Take a look for yourself.

Lobo_D _kr

So what are the fans saying? Here are some samples:

Greg D – “First Ben Affleck as batman, then justice League of Canada now this?! Now I know you are trying to flop and get marvel to buy you out! I’m officially done with DC.”

The Punisher HQ – “That’s not the Lobo at all. It seems like an emo douchebag.”

Gustavo R – “You don’t need to slim down everyone to modernize them, DC.”

Gabriel F – “Amazing? SERIOUSLY? It’s not amazing, he will never be Lobo.”

Jersson – “I hate the twilight saga!!! How can be this a good looking lobo. Seriously DC!?”

Check out the other Lobo design concepts from artist Kenneth Rocafort.


Lobo_B_kr copy

lobo_A_kr copy

What do you guys think of the “real” Lobo?

Source: DC Comics

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