SteelSeries introduces the Siberia Elite headset

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“Give me Dolby 7.1,” I pleaded and begged for years with Steelseries. “Soon” was their answer. Well soon has arrived. Roll out the red carpets for the new age of the Siberia headset we’ve all grown to love. While the 9H headset also carried Dolby 7.1 drivers, the Siberia Elite really hits home with what looks to be one of the hottest headsets coming out in the future. While the pre-order date is set to September, we haven’t received a shipping date as of yet.

Siberia Elite White - Angle shot.jpg

Kinda got that Princess Leah thing goin on.

So what does it have?

  • Dolby Headphone converts multichannel sound from movies and games and delivers up to 7.1-channel surround sound in your headset
  • Dolby Prologic IIx provides upgrades your audio into a surround sound experience; this technology converts a simple stereo signal into a rich, surround sound experience as well as converts a true 5.1 signal into a full 7.1 surround
  • The Sound Share port on the right earcup enables another player or viewer listen in.
  • A flat, rubber cord that remains tangle-free
  • The comfiest earmuffs on the market!

With the Siberia Elite, Steelseries also introduces the Engine 3. While I’ve has a few issues with version 1.0, 2.0 has been serving damn near flawlessly. I can’t begin to describe how content this software has made me with Steelseries products. A tip for any gaming peripherals manufacturers, BUNDLE GOOD SOFTWARE, it’ll save your users from becoming  frustrated while trying  to use the features you intended  them to.

A few nice features of the Steelseries Engine 3.0 Include;

  • Audio settings that allow you to create unlimited game-specific audio profiles, equalizer presets for different gaming genres, entertainment and more as well as 10-band equalizer settings
  • Microphone settings that allow users to choose:
  • Active Noise-Cancelling microphone – picking up only the users voice and not what is happening around them
  • Auto Mic Compression – which automatically reduce the volume of your voice when it’s too loud and increase the volume when it’s too quiet
  • Mic Feedback – takes your voice and feeds it through the speakers in your headset (off, low, medium, high) and the ability to visually preview mic levels and settings
  • Illumination settings that include choosing from 16.8 million colors and its pulsation from steady On/Off, breathing effects (Slow, Medium, Fast), trigger mode which pulsates to the sounds in the game as well as ColorShift which continuously radiates and rolls through a series of preset colors
Siberia Elite White - Side shot.jpg

Looks like a pimped out unicycle from the side.

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite is $199.99 MSRP and will be available for pre-order starting in September 2013. For more details about the new headset, please visit Be sure to follow SteelSeries on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in product news and contests.

Check back next week for our review of the Apex (Keyboard) and the In-Ear Flux Pro (Earbuds), as well as future info on all new Steelseries products.

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