Batman universe villains to appear on Arrow


With the unexpected success of Arrow, DC is pushing out more DC universe characters to the show including some Batman universe villains. Long ago Ra’s al Ghul was rumored to appear on the show, which was later found to be false. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted the title of the 5th episode “League of Assassins”.



Say what?! Well we already heard a few references from Merlyn, err ugh Malcolm Merlyn about the stronghold of the League of Shadows Nanda Parbat, but with the recent news of the Flash to appear on Arrow, can we expect the likes of Batman and other famous Justice League characters to appear?

We already know that the Bronze Tiger will appear, who will be played by Michael Jai White. Metamorpho and the Atom are slated for season 2. DC is really investing heavily into Arrow, which makes me see this as becoming something similar to Justice League Unlimited, as it focused on the second string DC universe characters, with a few first stringers like Slade Wilson being a series regular.

In even better news, Emily Bett Rickards, the smoking hot Felicity Smoak (see what I did there?), is also staying on as well as Colton Hayes/Speedy (Roy Harper). Could we see some actual Speedy involvement in the story? Maybe his sad story develops through his relationship with Oliver Queen’s sister (who is also nicknamed Speedy by her brother)? So many questions and ideas can come from all this news, but at least we know it’s all good news. If you would like more news about the show, Stephen Amell regularly tweets about it on his Twitter feed!

Arrow season 2 is currently filming and set to be back on the CW on Wednesday October 9, 2013.

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