Space Team! It’s Sci-fi themed yelling for your mobile device

SideBySideWithLogoThe mission to benevolently explore space has never had a problem before, when all of a sudden my control panel erupts into a cacophony of flashing lights, sparks and spewing green ooze. The starship is crashing, and all because someone won’t “Coddle the Humming Bolt”…wait, what? What the hell is a humming bolt and why should I coddle it? Come to think of it, I don’t have a humming bolt on my screen. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE CODDLE THE DAMNED HUMMING BOLT BEFORE WE ALL MEET OBLIVION WITH OPEN ARMS!!!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take the Kobayashi Maru exam at Starfleet, or yell commands aboard a malfunctioning starship Enterprise, then you must absolutely play Space Team.

Space Team, developed by Sleeping Beast Games for iPhone and Android, is essentially a party game for two to four friends. The players assume the roles of crewman aboard a space vessel that is constantly malfunctioning. To prevent these malfunctions, you must follow instructions on you screen that tell you things like, “Toggle Nanobuzzer”; which would be fine if you had the Nanobuzzer on your screen but most of the time you don’t. Because all of the players receive instructions pertaining to hardware on other players devices, everyone is forced to yell instructions to your fellow crewmen in order to keep the ship from exploding.

Space team groupSpace Team has a very simple but fun interface and incorporates the retro look of 80s video games with a Star Trek-esque aesthetic into a memory/yelling game. The first time I played it, I fell in love with the absolute bedlam that ensued while trying to manage my own panel and listen to the cries of terror from my fellow crewmen. So if you want to experience the giddy panic of being aboard a ship entirely run by red-shirts, pick up Space Team.

It’s free right now, with optional upgrades for purchase. Click HERE for more info. Excelsior!

And here’s a scene from Galaxy Quest to set the mood.


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