Kickstarter: Bringing sexy cosplayers together for one epic calendar

project cosplay unite sexy cosplay girls calendar

If you love sexy cosplayers and calendars, then you will definitely love this. Sexy Cosplay Girls is running a Kickstarter campaign, Project Cosplayers Unite, that will unite the many different sexy cosplayers from around the globe for one epic calendar.

The money will go to flying all the cosplayers from around the world to London, where Sexy Cosplay Girls will be doing the shoot. It will also go towards accommodation, food, and more. Some of the cosplayers include Ani-Mia, Miss Sinister and Enji Night.

You can back the project at the Project Cosplayers Unite Kickstarter page.

ron gejon ani-mia zatannaPhoto by Ron Gejon Photography l Zatanna cosplay by Ani-Mia

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