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PC gaming has evolved so much, that one cannot just come in with normal peripherals if they want to compete in any gaming tournaments. A gamer and their mouse are like painters and their favorite brush to paint a masterpiece. Sure, some may want just any type of mouse they can get or maybe use the ones that were handed down to them, but there are a select few that are “hardcore” gamers and choose to get a specialized mouse for their needs. That is how the world was introduced to the gaming mouse.


The design on the Genius Maurus X is beautiful and well thought out. Also, the intricate placement of lights on the back end of the mouse with the logo and scroll wheel is brilliant. The choice of black with red accents really made this mouse look very sleek and sexy. The body design reminded me very much of the Lamborghini Aventador. I like the choice of the braided cord over a plastic one, as I feel that was a wise decision. I loved the scorpion design on the mouse, as it made it look like it was tattooed. Finally, the added weight to the mouse gave it a more sturdy feel and not like a cheap plastic knock-off.


Almost everything on this mouse is customizable, which is a big turn on for most hardcore PC gamers. You can customize the frequency and intensity of the logo pulsation, adjust DPI settings on the fly, and set up DPI setting profiles for a quick change. With five different types of profiles that can be saved, you can save a profile different games that you play.

Unlike most gaming mice, this one has an ambidextrous layout. It can be used for either left or right-handed players, or even a middle hand if you have one. This is my first time using an ambidextrous mouse, so it took awhile for me to get used to it. That is my only downside that I came across, but it wasn’t much of a hindrance.

Now I am not as a hardcore PC gamer as I was back in the day, but I still do my monthly FPS and RTS LAN parties held by friends. With that said, the amount of customization you can do on this machine for such a low price is amazing. My friends were astonished at the price this was available for, and the type of customization that could be done. You can enhance the double click speed as well as the scroll speed, so when you need to double tap to make sure that your enemy is dead, that is one customization that is very useful. When playing F.E.A.R., the speed of the double click greatly came in handy, especially for the single shot weapons. It did have its downside of running out of bullets faster, but with a few simple tweaks you can save a few bullets.


Final Reaction

This is a great mouse for those looking for a PC gaming mouse that won’t hurt the wallet. For a budget gaming mouse this is more than worthy of your buy.

Grade: A

If you need more info about this item and where to buy it go here.

And for the Spec junkies:
• Image processing: 6400 fps
• Acceleration: 20 G
• Motion detection: 60 IPS
• Lift height: 1-5 mm
• Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 cm (4.7 x 3.2 x 1.6 in.) (L*W*H)
• Weight: 178 g (6.3oz)

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