Fan Expo 2013 set to kick off with Stan Lee, Sports and Yoda burgers?


Everyone is getting pumped up for this weekend’s Canada’s largest convention, Fan Expo, and we Canucks are getting ready to get our geek on!

This year’s event, which runs from Thursday through Sunday, will see some mega stars such as Nathan Fillion, Ron Perlman, Norman Reedus, Zachary Quinto  and more descend upon the land of Toronto, Canada for the Expo’s 19th year. Here’s just a few things fans should be looking forward to ahead of tomorrow’s preview night.



This year marks the first year of Fan Expo Sports, where fans will have the chance to meet some sports legends such as Bobby Orr, Joe Montana and Roberto Alomar. There will be autograph and photo opportunities as well as Q&A’s happening throughout the weekend, in addition to a dealer’s room with over 70,000 sq. ft of sports merchandise (located in the north building). The decision to include sports at Fan Expo was definitely a polarizing one for fans and it will remain to be seen whether or not this will be successful idea or not. I know that for several expo goers, having the chance to meet both Bobby Orr and Stan Lee at the same event is a once and a lifetime opportunity.


Certain conventions will have restaurants surrounding the area offering food specials and what not, but Fan Expo decided to take things a little differently this year. Here’s what the Fan Expo crew are bringing to the table (and what this writer might just have to sample):

For the first time ever, Fan Expo Canada will feature specialty themed food items, based on iconic movies and television shows.  The Star Wars specialty burgers include the The Rebel Burger inspired by Yoda (bright green bun topped with granny smith apples) and The Imperial Burger, inspired by Darth Maul (bright red bun topped with hot peppers and sauce).  Other specialty food items include The Princess Leia Bun and The Walking Dead themed Cinna-brains (700 Cafe by Cashew & Clive, 700 Level, South Building and Food Court in 808, 800 Level South Building).



Not only does the food sound delicious, but it looks out of this world too.

Lolitas, K.I.T.T, Steampunk and more!

Thursday is just the tip of the Iceberg, with such things to look forward to such as the Spotlight on Stan Lee panel (7:30pm, room 105, North building), the Lolita style and Fashion panel (6:30 pm, room 713, South building) and the Steampunk 101 panel (6:30 pm, room 713, South building).

Seeing as David Hasselhoff is coming, you might want to go check out his car – the Knight Industries Two Thousand car (K.I.T.T) from the 1982 series, Knight Rider. It will be on display  in Hall C, North Building.


There is so much to look forward to this coming weekend with panels, gaming, signing sessions all weekend along! Con goers can find a tentative schedule here.

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