X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises will NOT crossover


If you guys have any information as to what’s going on over at Fox Studios and the Marvel properties they have in their hands, please tell us. Recently there have been a lot of rumors circulating that Marvel’s first family of heroes would crossover into the X-Men franchise on screen; unfortunately, this is not true. Mark Millar just recently tweeted this important bit of information.


This may look like the nail in the coffin about these rumors, but I think a see a sliver of hope in his tweet. Mark Millar did say:

They exist in the same universe but movies stand alone.

Just that one line could be the only good piece of information to come out of this. Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four and we all know they are going to re-introduce them for this generation of movie goers. Yes, that movie will be a standalone, but I’m willing to guess that this franchise will eventually crossover.

With everyone following the coattails of Marvel Studios, Fox would be smart to deploy the same type of strategy if they want their version of heroes to remain fresh. If not, GIVE THE RIGHTS BACK TO MARVEL. 

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