Breaking Bad Season 5 episode 10 ‘Buried’ recap

Breaking Bad buried

By Joe Gonzalez

It’s just another day in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we wake up in the middle of the night, enjoy a stroll under the stars and wander upon stacks of hundred dollar bills rolled into $10,000 bundles. ¿Qué? That’s how a fellow citizen felt when stumbled upon not one, not two, but 5 stacks of hundred dollar bills.

After following the trail it leads him to Jesse Pinkman. Riddle with guilt, we last saw Jesse Pinkman throwing the $5 million away to random houses in the middle of the night. The old man sees Jesse’s car stranded in a children’s park with the remainder of Jesse’s cash. Then he sees Jesse on a roundabout slowly turning as he stares aimlessly into the sky. We can only imagine the guilt Jesse is going through, with a death toll piling up since meeting Walt.

Who exactly is Skyler on the phone with?

After the confrontation from the end of Episode 9, we see Walt leaving Hank’s garage. Just before reaching his car, he turns around to look back at Hank. The two stare at each other, realizing the duel about to begin. Hank will not rest until Heisenberg is behind bars, and Walt will do anything to keep his alter ego a secret. With Walt having 10 men in prison killed simultaneously, it’s easy to assume Walt won’t keep any options off the table. Once in the car, Walt tries to phone his wife, Skyler, but is informed that she is busy on the phone. While demanding to be put on the phone immediately, Walt sees Hanks coming out of the garage on the phone as well. Shocked, Walt speeds away and heads straight to the car wash.

Once at the car wash, Walt tries to find Skyler in hopes to warn her that Hank has found out their secret. Unable to find Skyler, he assumes the worst. We are greeted with Walt’s fear and see Skyler and Hank meeting at a diner. Hank comforts Skyler upon meeting and tells her that he is on her side. After a few words from both sides, he pulls out a tape recorder and asks to state her name and everything she knows. Skyler appears upset and states she should see a lawyer first. Realizing she won’t provide anything, Hank tries to convince it’s in her best interest to tell him everything she knows to put him away. He then reveals that Walt’s cancer has returned, alarming Skyler since she didn’t know. After Skyler makes it clear she won’t talk without a lawyer, Hank reluctantly agrees but states to have her and the kids taken to his place where they will be safe. Not willing to leave, he politely asks her to come with him. Skyler then asks “Am I under arrest?” Hank is unwilling to answer her question. She asks several times, louder each time, until she storms away from the diner.

Breaking Bad buried2

Better call Saul!

Walt, shaken by the events that just took place, has a meeting with Saul Goodman, his criminal lawyer. Walt’s phone rings and is surprised to see it’s his wife, Skyler. Just before answering, Saul suggests not answering it and wonders why it still has a battery in it. Discussing what has just taken place, the two ponder on how to deal with Hank. Two of Saul’s lackeys are already in place of removing the money from a storage unit Skyler has rented (luckily before Jarrod and Brandy find it on Storage Wars!). Saul states that without the money, Hank doesn’t have a case but just suspicions, to which Walt disagrees and will eventually put the pieces together. Saul then suggests to have Hank killed, a suggestion that upsets Walt that he scolds Saul in return. Looks like Walt won’t cross that line at all. Once the two lackeys return with Walt’s money, he drives it into the desert and begins to bury it. Once completed, he memorizes the coordinates and destroys the GPS used to track it.

Back at home, Skyler attempts unsuccessfully to get a hold of Saul Goodman. After asking if Walt has been there, someone knocks at her door. Skyler’s sister, Marie, has arrived and wants to talk to her. Skyler agrees only to have Marie inside, not Hank. Without saying a word, Skyler reacts to everything Marie is asking. Slowly piecing things together, she learns that Skyler has known much longer than what Hank has thought. After finding out that she knew about Walt before Hank was shot, Marie slaps Skyler and scolds her for protecting Walt. Marie storms out leaving Skyler in tears. After hearing Holly in the distant, Skyler rushes to the door to see Marie attempting to leave with her baby. Skyler slams the door and demands Marie to return her baby. Marie then heads to the window and signals Hank that she has Holly. Hank rushes in and see the two arguing over Holly, to which Hank sides with Skyler and demands Marie to return Holly to her. The two leave Skyler and Holly, and upon entering their vehicle, Marie looks back at the home and states “You have to get him.”

Breaking Bad buried3

I don’t want to see anything

Driving into the desert to an undisclosed location, we see Lydia being taken to meet with the Arizona Cartel led by Declan (in which I suggested he may return looking for Walt). Lydia is curious as to see why the meth isn’t up to par with Heisenberg. Declan brushes off her concerns and states his meth is selling just fine, but Lydia states it could cost them $50 million if they don’t follow Heisenberg’s formula. Lydia asks to see their lab and meet their cook, only to see it nowhere near as clean as Heisenberg’s lab. After suggesting to use Todd (Walt’s third chemist after Jesse and Gale), since two batches were done up to 74% potency, Declan refuses to use him since he doesn’t trust him.

Just before Declan was called back up, Lydia warned that she wishes he saw things her way. Once up top, she ducks down and hears gun shots. The door to the lab opens up and a voice is heard saying it’s safe now. Slowly walking up, Lydia sees Todd at the other end. As she climbs up, she states she doesn’t to see anything, so Todd walks her with her eyes closed passed the carnage. Todd and his uncle’s crew have taken out Declan and the Arizona Cartel and have taken all the equipment. With Todd now as the main chemist, Lydia can now attempt to recreate Blue Sky.

Family Feud

Back at home, Walt has finished burying the money he has made and hides the coordinates of its location on a lottery ticket. Skyler sees that he has returned, and while stating she hasn’t said anything to Hank, Walt ignores her pleas and attempts to shower. Once he’s almost nude, he collapses from exhaustion. Upon waking up, Skyler affirms that she hasn’t confessed anything and wants to be on Walt’s side. Wanting to give up, Walt tells Skyler to keep the money and give it to the kids while he goes confesses and goes to prison. Skyler responds with any money they have could be taken so she tells Walt to just stick with the story and they’ll be fine. Meanwhile, Marie and Hank are discussing the case against Walt. Marie is visibly upset and wants Walt to go to prison that she demands Hank to go straight to the DEA and tell him everything he knows. Without proof, Hank replies he will be fired having the biggest meth chemist working under his nose the whole time. Hank promises to get the proof he needs and put away Walt for good.

Once Hank returns to work, he talks to his long time friend Steven Gomez. After Steve gives him the rundown for the day’s schedule, he pushes back a meeting and wants to schedule a conference call. Though we weren’t told what it’s for, it could hint that Hank could inform the DEA that he has a lead on Heisenberg and is close to bringing him in. Just before Steve goes to set up the conference call, he states that his “pal” Jesse Pinkman was arrested for crashing his vehicle and throwing money to random houses. Jesse is shown being interrogated by two officers as to where he obtained the money. Hank arrives and sees Jesse in the interrogation room. While Jesse remains unresponsive to the officer’s questions, giving off the same blank stare as earlier on the roundabout, Hank signals the officers to come outside. Wanting to speak with Jesse, Hank informs the officers that Jesse completely hates him and the possibility of seeing him could get him talking and possibly receiving some info he needs on his case. The officers agree and allow Hank to walk in.

From here on out, we can only assume what can take place. So many questions were just answered as well as some new ones popping up. With Declan out of the picture, Lydia has taken Todd to become the new meth cook and attempt to recreate Heisenberg’s Blue Sky. Does she still need Walt from here or can Todd continue their business without him? Now that Maries knows the truth about Walt, it pits two families against each other. Walt and Skyler will stick to their story, in which Walt won money through underground gambling and purchased a car wash. Marie is more determined to have Walt behind bars since he put them through so much, and Hank is pursuing any lead to get the proof he needs. What will happen to Jesse Pinkman? Will Hank get anything from Jesse that can lead to Heisenberg’s demise or will he remain quiet. The guilt is getting to Jesse so it is possible he may come clean. And can Saul Goodman really keep Walt from prison? We already know where Walt ends up, but the pieces to how he gets there are slowing coming in.

Overall, this is a really good episode. It shows the desperation from the wives in their efforts to protect their respective husbands. How far can either one of them go to achieve what they want? The pace feels like it’s setting up to something big, and with knowing where Walt ends up, we know it’s going to be big. Things are slowly coming together, and all we can do is wait to see where it ends up next. The clock is ticking for Heisenberg.

Grade A

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