Zalman’s new Liquid CPU Cooler equipped with nanofluids


For years, PC enthusiasts have had the choice of air coolers or liquid coolers. Both have had their pros and cons in terms of efficiency and size. Zalman, makers of aftermarket PC parts, is looking to change that with the Reserator 3 Max. Launching this month, the Reserator is a hybrid liquid cooler that provides the performance of a liquid cooler with the size and simplicity of traditional air coolers.

Zalman rates that the Reserator can cool up to 400W. How do they do this? The Reserator adds a special nanofluids that is both effective and silent. Combined with a copper-based pipes, it can transfer the hear easily to the cooling solution.

There’s no price yet, but this is an attractive option to help overclockers squeeze out those extra clock speeds without turning their PC into an airplane hangar.


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