#GameDevsWeDig: Hashtag to run on Monday the 19th


Let’s face it: Gamers aren’t creating a very good rep for themselves as of late. A community that is supposed to be known for its fun but competitive atmosphere, for puzzle-solving and creativity, is often perceived as one buried in anti-social behavior and vapid internet hatred. The most recent example of this is news of support groups being formed for game developers suffering anxiety due to threats of violence, death threats, hateful forum posts, and personal attacks online. It seems as though social media has empowered the darker side of the gaming community to go from criticism to full-blown hatred. As unfortunate as it is, this reflects on the entire gaming community. The flak that Irrational Games received leading up to Burial At Sea’s announcement has been both inappropriate and ill-conceived.

Internet bullies and trolls will not go away – let’s not pretend there’s a way we can make them do that all at once – but those who love video games and appreciate the hard work that goes into it can still do something: get louder.

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 2.19.22 PMSocial Media has empowered gamers to get in touch with their favorite studios, developers, writers, and actors on a much more personal level, and while several of them deal with trolling on the daily, gamers have the power to jet a positive, 140-character message back to game creators. We should not be represented by the negative, ill-intentioned faction that sends threats of violence against children over a video game they did not like. We should not be viewed as so many already view us: ticking time bombs that might be influenced to shoot up a school after a rather spirited round of Call of Duty; internet bullies that tear apart cosplayers based on their body types; viciously competitive monsters who will verbally attack someone within our community based on their gender over the internet.

We are gamers. We have fun competing, we have fun exploring, we have fun connecting with each other, and we know how to kick ass on the D-Pad.  Without the studios behind some of the most legendary and well-known titles of our time, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

On Monday, Gamers can take action to show developers, writer, producers, programmers, studios, publishers, and the talent behind their favorite games. With the hashtag #gamedevswedig, gamers are being encouraged to send out tweets tagging their favorite developers and telling them why they appreciate the work put into video games. Here is the official tweet marking the all-day event.

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