Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – The Arms Deal Update


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest update was a big one. Dubbed “The Arms Deal Update”, the latest patch features a wealth of new content in the form of gun skins, silenced weapons, and kill-tracking weapons. This free patch boasts over 100 unique skins for guns in the game, with many of them following specific themes, such as the “CS GO Dust” theme pictured above and several others. These skins are automatically unlocked by playing the game with unlocks being acquired based on game time within a week. With each reward acquired in a given week, it takes more and more game time to acquire the next. This threshold is reset each week, however, encouraging players to stop by each week to more easily rack up cool new weapon skins.

These skins can also be acquired from rare weapon cases. These are opened with keys that players can purchase, and a portion of the proceeds from purchasing these keys directly goes to funding prize purses at upcoming eSport events for CS: GO. This setup allows players to simultaneously get cool gear for their game and support the community they are playing in. The ability for players to create their own gun skins in the Steam Workshop is coming soon, including the possibility of highly rated skins being officially included in the game for all players.

In addition to weapon skins, a new type of “Stattrak” weapon is available from these weapon cases. These weapons give you an up-to-date record of every kill you get with that weapon, etched right on to the weapon itself.

Finally, the arms update sees the return of silenced weapons to the game. Silenced variants of the M4A1 and the USP Pistol are now available as stock weapons in the game at a lower price, with smaller ammo clips and a detachable silencer that increases accuracy, lowers recoil and tracer fire, and shoots quieter.

The arms deal update is live. Get fragging and get collecting!


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