A new Persona 4 Arena in the works

Arc System Works is currently on a roll when it comes to fighting games. Their next installment of the BlazBlue series, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, releases in October in Japan for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it wasn’t that long ago they also revealed character information and a brand new trailer for their next game, Guilty Gear Xrd, a game fans have been wanting for years.

l_520d7c077c41fDuring the Guilty Gear Xrd game testing in Akihabara, it was revealed that a new version of Persona 4 Arena is currently in the works and is going through game testing right now. Here is what is currently known, all current characters will be getting new moves, while characters buffs and nerfs will be balanced with help from community input.

Yukari will be fighting with her bow, giving her a long range ability, and with a certain skill she can add a tracker which allows her to hit her opponent wherever they may be on screen. Along with her Garu skills she may be a ranger character, but she can also fight close range with the help of her Persona.

Junpei is a powertype and along with his Agi skills, his fighting style mimics that of baseball. He is equipped with a baseball bat, and connecting with an attack gives certain abilities and buffs.

Also every character, except for Elizabeth and Labrys, will have a “Shadow Type” (similar to Guilty Gear) which removes burst for a Shadow Rage mode. This gives unlimited bar and buffs for a limited amount of time. Shadow characters will also have better cancels allowing them to cancel special move to special move.

It’s a surprise to know Ark System is working hard on three fighting games almost back to back, with Guilty Gear Xrd still in the development stage. Now this new version of Persona 4 Arena, fans can really look forward to some high paced action. Will we see the rest of the SEES team playable as the game progresses? I know I wouldn’t mind seeing the Persona 3 main character playable, and who was behind awakening Labrys.

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For more information on known character changes, game changes and other info, you can check out Persona 4 Arena post over at Shoruyken.com

Image source: Famitsu.com

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