Disney Infinity exclusives coming to Toys”R”Us this Sunday, August 18


Toys”R”Us will be getting the Infinite Crystal Series exclusives for Disney Infinity, which launches this Sunday, August 18th.

The game is quite ambitious, as it will allow gamers and kids to bring collectible figures to life inside a video game. It is similar to the already existing and popular toy/video game hybrid, Skylanders, except you’ll get to collect Disney and Pixar figures and have them interacting with each other. If you want story in your games, you’ll get it via the “Play Set” mode.

Here are the Infinite Crystal exclusives for Toys”R”Us that will be available on launch day:

Lighting McQueen Exclusive

Lightning McQueen Infinite Crystal Series figure

“Whatever the task, Lightning McQueen is quick to react! Whether he’s jumping over canyons or racing across a desert, nothing slows him down. This exclusive crystal figure allows players to earn bonus points and access special, unique in-game abilities, making Lightning McQueen stand out from the rest! No batteries required.”


Mike's Car Power Disc - Exclusive

Mike’s Car Power Disc

“Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. can cruise through the worlds of Disney Infinity with the help of Mike’s Car Power Disc. Players can use the disc to spawn Mike’s car featured in Monsters Inc., giving him a unique edge over other characters in the game. No batteries required.”

Disney Infinity will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U and iPad. 18 collectible figures and 21 Power Discs will be available on launch.


The Disney Infinity Starter Box Bundle includes Jack Sparrow, Sully, and Mr. Incredible figures.



Exclusive Power Disc Packaging

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