You can now pre-order the Blu-ray copy of Little Witch Academia

little_witch_academia_99-1024x576Fans of the short film Little Witch Academia are in a for a few treats. First the Kickstarter for the second film has surpassed its goal and the second film will be worked on sometime in the future by Studio Trigger. The next second treat is that fans can now pre-order the Little Witch Academia Blu-ray here.

The Little Witch Academia Blu-ray set is being shipped from Japan with orders being handled by Good Smile Company, a single pre-order will cost you ¥6,000 ($62.36) plus if you live outside of Japan an extra ¥2,500 ($25.98) for EMS shipping costing you around ¥8,500 roughly around $88.34 total. Luckily If you have any friends who also want to order the Little Witch Academia Blu-ray, you can order up to three copies and you still get the ¥2,500 shipping rate, meaning you can save about 13 dollars per person in a single order.

booklet2The Collector’s Edition will come with 1 Blu-ray disc that includes the 26-minute episode of Little Witch Academia and the never-before-seen 66-minute making-of video, “How the Magic was Born.” This release will also come with an original soundtrack disc and an incredible 112-page art book.

The inspirational making-of video follows the struggles and breakthroughs of the young animation team at TRIGGER, and the meticulous process they went through to create this anime. Both the episode and the How the Magic was Born videos feature Japanese voices with English, French, German, Italian Spanish, and Chinese subtitles.

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