Vin Diesel confirms his role as Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy!!


Looks like it’s confirmed and the cat is out of the bag. Vin Diesel just stated that he will be voicing Groot, the powerful and sentient tree. On our Nerd Reactor Facebook page, I posted earlier that he COULD be the voice of Ultron, since he is a high profile actor. This doesn’t look like the case and when asked about why Vin chose this simple role, he basically said:

I’m An Actor, I Can Do Whatever The F*ck I Want.


Of course he didn’t end it with just that though. He explains to us the entire reasoning behind why he chose to play the team’s not so outspoken character:

The audience wanted Vin and Marvel, Vin and Marvel. But I’m too busy to do a six-month role. So what Marvel came up with was really interesting. … I am watching a social wave influence and in some ways guide their thinking.

When asked about his recent Facebook post about Groot:

The last thing they are is mad. I’m pretty open, but I have been secretive about this. I went to Comic-Con and I got blasted while I was on the Hall H panel for Riddick. Someone asked a Marvel question. I couldn’t say anything because of that secrecy.

As much as I wanted Vin Diesel to play a bigger role than just constantly saying “I AM GROOT!”, as per the comics, I really hope Marvel gives him a bit more lines. It’s completely understandable with his commitments to Fast and the Furious along with Riddick, that he couldn’t get a bigger role. Perhaps Marvel will reuse him in a future movie? As the voice for Dormammu in the planned Doctor Strange movie? Or he could be someone else in a Blade reboot. Who knows? In any case, congratulations to you, Vin! Can’t wait to see the movie once it releases.

Source: LA Times 

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